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Detailed Lectures. Complete Outlines. Extensive Practice Questions.

The 1L Edge Semester Success Program is designed to help you successfully navigate your first year of law school. Get the most comprehensive set of lectures, outlines, and 1L study aids.

1L Online Course with downloadable PDF

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Get started today for $100. For this one- time $100 registration fee, you'll lock in your Bar Review tuition at today's price and get access to the entire 1L Program, which includes:

  • Complete 1L Outlines Understand and apply your knowlede in class and on your final exams.
  • 50+ hours of video and audio Write superior final exam essays and perform well in your 1L classes.
  • Online Qbank and Hard Copy or Downloadable Workbook Learn from more than 800 exam-style questions, examples and explanations.


  1L Subject Lectures

  • Get more than 30 hours of audio lectures for your 1L subjects.
  • Watch mini- lectures filled with practical advice on everything from legal research methods to best practices on forming study groups.

  Proven Outlines

  • Proven outlines for Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law, Property and Torts.

  Practice Questions

  • Practice with our online question bank and workbook with over 800 practice questions, examples, and complete explanations.

  Final Exam Lectures

You will receive 7, 3-hour online lectures that will cover the following:

  • Learn how to deconstruct essay questions and understand the elements, content, and structure of effective final exam answers.
  • See real student answers, and get guidance on what makes a high score versus a low score.
  • Get practice exam strategies and tactics for real 1L final exam questions for Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law, Property, and Torts.
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