Why I Joined the National Society of Leadership and Success

February 7, 2017
Sade Bowen

Learn why you should join the National Society of Leadership and Success.

The National Society of Leadership and Success could be the club that fits you.

During my early high school years, I often kept to myself and avoided getting involved with high school clubs. While my friends all stayed after school, went on special trips, or hung out with their club members, I was taking the bus home alone to sit around.

Eventually, I began to feel isolated and left out, so I began researching possible high school clubs I could join. To all my fellow skeptics out there, here’s how I went from being opposed to high school clubs to becoming the poster child for the National Society of Leadership and Success:

Finding the National Society of Leadership and Success

At first, I wasn’t particularly into any of the clubs my high school offered. Either they didn’t interest me or I didn’t meet their requirements. Suddenly, I came across an internship with The National Society of Leadership and Success. They we’re looking for a Chapter Leader to start an organization on their campus. I instantly loved their mission, “We Build Leaders Who Make A Better World.” Their entire agenda involved recruiting students of all majors and GPA, breaking them out of their shell and training them as leaders so they can later impact the world. They are able to complete this by doing community service and giving back nationwide.

New responsibilities revealed a new me

Without giving it too much thought, I applied for their internship, and to my great surprise, I was accepted! Immediately, I was forced to go outside my comfort zone as I was now responsible for starting a Chapter at my high school. I was nervous but I knew I now had a duty to fulfill. I talked to people about the organization and was able to recruit eight fellow students to help me establish a Chapter. I dedicated my free time to planning events, leading meetings, doing community service outreach, and making new friends on a daily basis. Even though I was extremely busy, it was the most fun I’ve ever had in my high-school career. I enjoyed having such a huge responsibility and it felt good to belong to a group of people with similar ideals as me.

Leaving a legacy behind and continuing in college

Through hard work, following protocol, and persistence, our organization became recognized by my high school. I went from just another student to the Student President of the hot new organization that everyone wanted to be apart of. I continued being a member even through college. My university had a chapter, and I was transferred to their University sector. I was president again during my sophomore and junior years. My senior year, I decided to step down as president and just continue as a member, but I still remained very involved in events and outreach.

Final words of encouragement for those on the fence

Based on my experience, I encourage every student to become involved in high school clubs—especially those of you who are on the fence like I was. Getting involved will help give you a sense of ownership and responsibility. You will gain great experience that you can put on your resume and share with future employers. I use to be one of those students who use to think getting involved was “corny” and “not worth it.” I can proudly say today that being apart of a student group has made me the strong, successful person I am today.

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