Bar Points: Everything is Fair Game on the Multistate Essay Exam

February 1, 2012
Kimber Russell

With all the confusing acronyms thrown about with respect to the bar exam, it’s no surprise that many bar takers become confused about what is actually being tested. The most common misconception about the bar exam in states that test both the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) and the Multistate Essay Exam (MEE) is that there will only be MBE subjects tested in essay form on the MEE.

Alas, if only that were the case. The truth of the matter is that many more subjects are included on the MEE than just the six core MBE subjects:

Business Associations:

  • Agency & Partnership
  • Corporations & LLCs

Conflict of Laws
Constitutional Law
Contracts (Includes Uniform Commercial Code Article 2: Sales)
Criminal Law & Procedure
Family Law
Federal Civil Procedure
Real Property
Trusts & Estates
Trusts & Future Interests
Negotiable Instruments (UCC Article 3)
Secured Transactions (UCC Article 9)

Bar takers love to make predictions about what will be tested on the bar exam, largely because they hope to avoid lavishing limited bar preparation time on difficult subjects. The thinking goes something like this: “Well, they tested both Secured Transactions and Negotiable Instruments on the last bar exam, so they probably won’t test them both this time around!”

This kind of attitude is understandable, but can ultimately be detrimental. The truth is that there is no formula or code that can be cracked to accurately determine what subjects might be tested on the next administration of the MEE.

The best way to approach the MEE is to think of every subject as being fair game and preparing accordingly. There will always be subjects that will be more difficult to master, especially if you have not taken a course in law school, but make sure to spend adequate time learning each of the above subjects so that you will not be surprised on test day.

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Kimber Russell

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