LSAT + Summer = Awesome times!

April 26, 2013
Stuart Kovinsky

Life at LSAT Summer CampIf you’re still in school, you’re probably just finishing exams right now (or you may be among the lucky few who are done). You may already have your summer plans set (job, relaxation, backpacking across Europe, etc) and you’re wondering how will the LSAT help make this the best summer ever?

Some of you may have reread that last sentence 3 or 4 times and still be unsure how “LSAT” and “best summer ever” could coexist in the same thought. In fact, if you’re like most of my students (before I help them see the light), you probably think of the LSAT as an obstacle in the path of your dreams. In truth, however, the LSAT is going to help you get into law school.

First, let’s consider a staggering statistic: roughly 40% of test takers go into the LSAT cold. Just by reading this blog you’re well ahead of that crowd – and that fact evidences your commitment to acing the test.

Next, let’s summarize the two components of your academic index: undergrad GPA and your LSAT score. Chances are high that you finished at least 75% of your degree (and, if you’re applying for a fall 2014 start, the exams you just wrote will be the last ones that contribute to that index). So, there’s not much you can do about your GPA.

The LSAT, however, is the unwritten future. Since many schools count the LSAT as equal to your entire undergrad, you still have a huge opportunity to distinguish yourself from the masses!

If you haven’t already started studying, take a practice test right now (or as soon as exams are over) to see how the LSAT works. Based on your performance and spring/summer plans, decide which test date to target (June or October – never leave the LSAT to the last minute) and how to prepare. You may decide to take a course, work one-on-one with a tutor, study on your own or even attend LSAT summer camp!

Once you decide on the proper medium for your studies, make a study plan (and ask your instructor for help with that plan, if you’re taking a course). Commit to that plan to ensure your test day success. Remember: planning is the key to enjoying a balanced summer.

OK – so that’s all great advice, but you may still be skeptical about my “best summer ever” claim. Well, by doing great on the LSAT you’ll begin to make your legal dreams a reality; you’ll potentially earn huge savings on your law school tuition; you’ll prepare yourself to think the way the most successful law students and lawyers do; and you’ll vastly reduce your LSAT- and law school-related stress. What could possibly be more fun?

Stuart Kovinsky

Stuart Kovinsky I'm Stuart Kovinsky, an out-of-the-closet LSAT geek from Toronto. I've been teaching for Kaplan for over 20 years (not counting a 5 year break to practice as a commercial litigator at a big Toronto firm) and, working both as a teacher and an admissions consultant, have coached a lot of students to their top choice schools. I'm also an ultimate frisbee enthusiast - when not in the classroom or behind the keyboard you'll often find me on the field.

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