Test Day is Coming – Are You Ready?

May 31, 2013
Adele Shapiro

Just before deadlineAs we turn the page of the calendar from May to June, we begin the serious countdown to the June test. With just about ten days to test day, do you feel ready?  At this point there are some things that should be part of your prep package, and some things that should not be.

Easier said than done, it is critical not to panic and to try to ease any anxiety about the LSAT. Too often, I have seen students’ anxiety about one particular question type get in the way of their overall LSAT success. Certainly, question types such as assumption family questions are heavily tested but facing difficulty with four star flaw questions does not mean LSAT failure. If you are struggling with one type of question, remind yourself of the success you are having with all the other question types. Logic games still not your strongest section? Key in on the sections that are, and remember that there is still time to improve.

At this point, at least one more practice test should be in your study schedule with an in-depth review of the answers and explanations.  Take every wrong answer as an opportunity to learn and score higher. Don’t just read the explanations, try to understand why you chose a wrong answer and what makes that choice incorrect; at the same time, be analytical and examine the reasons an answer choice is correct. The time that the June test is administered is a little unusual – the test won’t begin until the early afternoon, so try to schedule practice tests for the same time as test day.

As the countdown to test day begins in earnest, it is also time to be sure you are in peak physical and mental condition.  If you exercise regularly, this is not the time to skip the gym or your daily workout. For the couch potatoes among us, it’s not a bad idea to add a daily short walk to your schedule – a walk is a good way to clear your mind and allow for a little mental break as well.

Finally, don’t dismiss the benefits of a good night’s sleep.  It is important to be well rested on test day and sleep deprivation can play havoc with mental and physical abilities. Try to start getting enough sleep now and don’t wait until the night before to catch up – generally, that won’t work.

Keep these tips in mind as you wind down and on test day you will be prepared and ready to do a great job on the LSAT!

Adele Shapiro

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