Real LSAT Question Set: Logic Games Question Set II

November 20, 2013
Christine Schrader

Finishing off our weekly real LSAT practice questions with the second piece of our Logic Game set!  Remember to check out the setup and first half of the question set before moving forward!

Real LSAT Practice Questions Prep Test 19: Logic Games (CR LSAC)

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Q11: With Production and Rehearsals always scheduled on Thursday, scheduling Production solo for Friday (jot it down!—don’t just stare at it! Create a new sketch for Q. 11 and jot this stuff down!) demands that Rehearsals be scheduled for Wednesday. Rule 3 kicks in, mandating Lighting for Monday and Tuesday. All that’s left is Staging, one of whose days is Tuesday; the other is Monday or Wednesday, and either is acceptable.

Scanning the answer choices, we see that (A) is false: Lighting takes the first two days of the week. (B) must be true, while (C), (D), and (E) are all possibly true and hence equally as wrong in a “MUST BE FALSE” question as (B).
Big Picture:
• Critical reading is just as important in Logic Games as in the other sections. The previous question, Q. 10, asks for the choice that must be true, while this question credits the choice that must be false. (And they don’t even capitalize the word “false” to alert us, blast ‘em!) Confusing these two questions would have been more than enough to lose these two low-difficulty points.

• Don’t try to do complex question work in your head! It takes no time at all to sketch out a rough schedule next to Q. 11 (or at the bottom of the test page), indicating the information you already know and the new stuff you’re given. Nothing could be easier than to proceed with your own deductions from that point on, on a neat, clear sketch.

Q12: As always, Lighting and Staging occupy Tuesday; here, Lighting takes Monday as well, and solo. This mandates Wednesday for Staging. Production and Rehearsals still occupy Thursday, but the second day of each remains up in the air.

(A) As we’ve known for a long time, Lighting and Staging is Tuesday’s schedule. Rehearsals doesn’t belong there. (A) is not possible.

(B) As we’ve just seen, Lighting is the only workshop on Monday, so Staging must be conducted on Wednesday. Cross off (B).

(C) is it. If Production and Rehearsals are scheduled for Thursday and Friday—which they could be—then that leaves Staging solo on Wednesday. (C) could be true and is the answer.

(D), (E) Both fail because of what we’ve long known, that Thursday is for Production and Rehearsals, and Staging is not invited.

Big Picture:

• Late in a game, you run a risk of forgetting or mis-remembering rules, even ones that you’ve been working with question after question. Avoid that risk by stopping between questions, once in a while, to review the rules quickly—both your sketches, and the rules as written in the booklet. You’ll be glad you did.
See you all later for some more real LSAT questions!


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