The MCAT Summer Games

August 7, 2012
Patrick Boyle

With the London Summer Games upon us, the whole world is tuning in to watch the athletes that have spent years preparing and rehearsing for their particular sporting events. There are a lot of things to take away from London Games’ athletes, particularly their hard work and dedication to following their dreams.  Just like studying for the MCAT there are long hard training days where self-doubt can creep in! So what can we learn from these elite athletes?

Physical Sciences –This is the first section of the MCAT and one that most pre-med students need to spend a significant amount of time brushing up on.  For some it has been a while since taking General Chemistry freshman year and Physics is a tough subject regardless.  The equations and the concepts may take a little while to get down, but the reward is starting off your MCAT with a great score. Just like GYMNASTICS of the summer games, repetition, repetition, and more repetition will make perfect here! The more practice problems the better!

Verbal Reasoning – The second section of the MCAT is one that fills many students with fear. The timing on the verbal is tight and every last second is going to count.  Since starting to practice for verbal is often thought of as ‘jumping into the deep end’ students can take a lot away from SWIMMING.  In swimming again practice is going to make perfect but more importantly the timing is going to be key. If you don’t have the timing you won’t be in the fast lane!

Writing Sample – The third section of the MCAT is the most creative section of the exam.  The biggest fear of students is what to write about!  Student can learn a lot from WRESTLING.  Just as in wrestling, the athletes don’t know what their opponent can throw at them; students don’t know what the writing prompt is going to be.  But wrestlers have pre-thought take down moves to get them to the gold, just as students have their pre-thought examples. The best thing students can do to prepare for this section is to think of pre-thought examples to write that can be applied to various prompts.

Biological Sciences – The last section of the MCAT is where many students’ energy levels start to wane and endurance can become an issue.  Here students can learn a big lesson from TRACK and FIELD.  Again simply knowing your information is not enough here, you need to be sure to take as many full lengths as possible to build that endurance to be as fresh as possible in the final section.  Just as track athletes spend countless hours leaping and bounding around the track, students need to take those practice tests!

No matter what section is giving you self-doubt, remember there is always a solution! Reach for the gold and get the MCAT score you desire!



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