MCAT Re-booted: Nutrition

March 8, 2013
Patrick Boyle


Following up in another edition of MCAT Re-Booted, we take a look this week at nutrition. The phrase lives, “you are what you eat.”  Many pre-meds ask me what they can do to improve their overall diet. Most of us know the things we should be eating and not eating and the problem normally lies in there is just simply not enough time or convenience in eating better.

Remember the initial challenge of MCAT Re-Booted was to be happier in your MCAT studies! Eating better leads to feeling better. Physically feeling better means you are mentally sharper and all the more likely to study more efficiently and retain more information.  This is the key to building that MCAT content base in a limited amount of time.

We consistently mention how busy we are and how busy the pre-med lifestyle can be. However, with a little bit of planning, you can eat better and in turn feel better along the way.  Once again remember as a Physician you are going to be a leader in healthcare and will be looked at not only as a source of information but also a role model to live a healthy lifestyle.  If you can start finding time now, these positive habits can stick with you throughout your career.

Start by picking one day a week where you plan to go grocery shopping. This way it will be part of your schedule and you will stick to it. This helps to avoid those times where you say, there is no food in the house, I am going to order pizza.

When you go to the store, pick up fresh fruits and vegetables.  When you get home cut them up right away and store them in Tupperware so that you have a quick and easy snack you can pull out of the fridge when you are on your way to class or the library.

Choose foods that are high in dietary fiber.  These foods will help with heart health, maintain fullness, promoting a healthy weight, and most importantly aid in proper digestion.

Another great idea is to keep non-perishable snacks in your book bag so you always have something on the go. Great options are nuts, dried fruit, granola bars, or beef jerky.

If you can find the time, another option is to cook in large batches on a night where you don’t have as many things going on. Then take portions and freeze them so you always have a meal you can heat up in the microwave. This saved me in college!

As you can see many of these tips can really help you take control of your diet, even in times when you are studying a bunch. Cooking for me was always something therapeutic and was a nice relaxing time away from studying. When in doubt you can always review MCAT flashcards while you prepare meals. The main take-away is to take the time to plan! You won’t regret it!


In all things… #MCATdomination!

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