University of Rochester Medical College: Meliora

August 26, 2013
Donna McGill

The University of Rochester’s motto is quite simple: meliora. That translates into “even better” and is indicative of the efforts of all who grace the campus, whether it’s as a student or an educator. What many may not know is that in 2006, the University of Rochester Medical and Dental School became the first in history to receive six year accreditation.

A Closer Look

About 100 students are accepted into URMC each year. It’s been that way since it was founded in the mid-1850s. It also boasts 26 residency programs, 531 residents and 42 fellowship programs.

Nuclear imaging technology allows for faster heart diagnoses and URMC is leading the way.

For grad students, costs associated with attending University of Rochester Medical College breaks down to $26,650 for stipend, tuition scholarship, $44,608 and mandatory medical insurance plan, which totals $2,616.

Salary expectations are on point with national averages and graduates are able to find positions within 90 days of graduation.

As mentioned, cardiac care is the specialty many students excel in, partly due to the cutting edge technology.

On average, students who are accepted into URMC are accepted with GPA of 3.7 and MCAT scores of 30. Also, because it’s a private college, a distinction between in state and out of state students isn’t a priority. This is one reason why students should really focus on their MCAT. In fact, Kaplan offers a 20 minute workout for those preparing to take their tests. It’s a fine way for students to really challenge themselves to ensure they’re ready.

Culture via URMC

There are many who apply every year partly because of the campus environment and its ongoing efforts of charitable giving. The school tackles some of the biggest societal issues of the day, including domestic violence, health care, housing and even unemployment. Students take great pride in the changes they can make in the community as a whole. That spills over onto the campus life.

A Student’s View

A student’s perspective, again, is focused on giving back. The “Taking it to the Streets” outreach program is a new program designed to help the homeless population. Too many times, people fall through the proverbial cracks. The student body are focused on changing that. It’s a compassionate mindset that is both contagious and inspiring.

All agree it’s a tough program, but the shared common respect for others speaks volumes about the student body.

Heavy Coats or Heavy Sunscreen?

Remember, University of Rochester Medical School is located in the northeast. That means summer heat waves and winter blizzards. In other words: bring everything in terms of your wardrobe. Socks and flip flops. Baseball caps and skull caps. If there’s any consistency, it’s that the seasons are predictable in that there aren’t a lot of warm days followed by cold snaps.

First the Education, Then the Career

The Gwen E. Greene Career and Intern Center offers an entire library, a series of seminars and resume help. Further, shadowing opportunities are available from alumni and finally, there is an online resource portal made available only to those attending URMC.

In conclusion, URMC doesn’t boast the largest campus nor does it offer a massive research program; however, what it lacks in acreage, it more than makes up with the quality education students receive. The nuclear imaging technology is absolutely fascinating and for those who are drawn to that very specific specialty, it just might be the ideal educational institute.


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