With 1/8th of a Medical Degree Finished, My Favorite Things about Medical School

December 24, 2013
Thomas Fricilone

EMILY-HAUSE-WINNINGHello my holiday readers! I just finished up my first semester of medical school and am officially 1/8 of the way to being a doctor. Since starting school in August, I’ve learned a lot, and most importantly I’ve gotten into my medical school groove. Classes aside, I’ve had some time outside class to explore the new city where I live, make some new friends and most importantly, get involved.

I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts that one of my favorite things about medical school is that people don’t join activities just for the sake of joining them. At this point in our careers, we’re allowed to pursue our interests without using them to simply beef up our applications. Today, I want to talk about some of the activities you can join in medical school.

1. Medical School Student Council- if you’re passionate about student government and improving the medical school, this is the activity for you. Most schools have elections for student government near the beginning of the school year.

2. Research- there are many research opportunities either as a bench scientist or in a public health realm. Fortunately, there are many researchers who are looking for competent medical students to help them out! The summer after your first year of medical school is a great time to work on a research project.

3. Admissions- I’m actually part of the admissions team at my school and serve as a prospective student representative. That means I lead tours, answer questions and get to interact with prospective students each week. I like it a lot because it gives me an opportunity to talk with students about why I love my school.

4. Student groups- There are approximately a million student interest groups that you can join or help run. At medical schools, you’ll usually find a student interest group for each specialty that will host events, bring in guest lecturers and answer questions about potential career paths. If an interest group for your specialty doesn’t exist, you can definitely start one!

So, in summation, there is more to life in medical school than going to class and studying for tests!

Happy studying,


Thomas Fricilone

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