Kaplan Test Prep’s 2010 Survey of Business School Admissions Officers

According to Kaplan Test Prep’s 2010 survey of business school admissions officers – just released last Wednesday – the GRE is making significant headway in gaining acceptance at business schools: 39% of the 288 business schools surveyed say their program now allows an applicant to submit a GRE score instead of a GMAT score, compared to 24% last year.  To view a PDF version of the survey results, click here.   Below are some key findings:

Which would you say is the most important factor in the business school admissions process?

Admissions exam score (GMAT/GRE): 42%
Undergraduate GPA : 40%
Work experience: 15%
Essays: 2%
Letters of recommendation:.1%

Which would you most consider to be an application killer?

A low admissions exam score (GMAT/GRE):.48%
A low undergraduate GPA:  33%
Lack of relevant work experience: 10%
Poor letters of recommendation: .5%
Poorly written essays:.4%

Does your program give applicants the option of submitting a GRE score instead of GMAT score for admissions?

No: 60%
Yes:  39%
Not sure: 1%

(For schools who answered “no”) What are you plans regarding making the GRE a part of your admission process?

No plans to consider the GRE: 75%
Considering accepting the current GRE: 19%
Waiting until the new GRE is released in 2011 to evaluate options: 5%

(For schools who answered “yes”): What potential population of students do you think would most benefit from your school’s decision to accept the GRE?

Applicants from non-business backgrounds: 86%
Non U.S. applicants: 8%
Female applicants: 3%
Older applicants: 3%

(For schools who answered “yes”): Is there an advantage for an applicant to submit one admissions exam over the other?

No advantage: 65%
There is an advantage in submitting a GMAT score: 32%
There is an advantage in submitting a GRE score: 3%

In general, how do you feel about the recently announced addition of an integrated reasoning section to the GMAT?

Positive: 31%
Neutral: 47%
Negative: 3%
Don’t Know: 19%

How do you think the addition of the integrating reasoning section will affect the difficulty of the GMAT?

The exam’s level of difficulty will remain about the same: 42%
The exam will be more difficult: 21%
The exam will be easier: 3%
Don’t know: 34%