NCSA Student-Athletes Receive Access to Free SAT® Prep Through Kaplan

Partnership with NCSA Athletic Recruiting Offers Best in Class Educational
Resources for Student-Athletes Nationwide

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New York, NY (February 28, 2012) – NCSA Athletic Recruiting, the leader in college sports recruiting worldwide, is teaming up with Kaplan Test Prep to provide its student-athletes with free access to Kaplan’s SAT® On Demand program, an award-winning online test prep course that combines advanced adaptive technology with instructional best practices.

Student-athletes who join NCSA can access Kaplan’s comprehensive and interactive SAT On Demand course, which allows students to go at their own pace and on their own schedule with a personalized path through the curriculum, available 24/7.  It is powered by Kaplan’s exclusive Smart TrackTM system, which analyzes student performance and prescribes a customized learning plan.  Kaplan’s SAT On Demand integrates focused content review, test-taking strategies, and the practice students need to achieve their target SAT scores.  It includes: a custom study plan based on their diagnostic performance; two full-length SAT practice tests; over 50 hours of engaging video instruction on every tested topic on the SAT; step-by-step problem solving exercises; and 1,000+ practice problems.  The course also features Smart Reports™, which is essential in keeping both students and parents up-to-date on progress with performance reporting right down to the question level.

“The opportunity to play collegiate athletics can be a life-changing experience for aspiring high school athletes. Unfortunately, each year thousands of prospects fail to maximize their recruiting and scholarship potential, since being recruited by college coaches involves not just strong athletic ability but academic ability as well. By partnering with Kaplan, the industry leader in test prep, NCSA Athletic Recruiting will provide its student-athletes with access to all the best tools and resources to succeed on their SATs,” said Chris Krause, CEO and founder of NCSA Athletic Recruiting.  “Achieving the scores they need to get into the schools of their choice will only increase their recruiting and scholarship potential, enabling them to put their best foot forward when reporting their academic achievements to college coaches.”

Winner of the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval and cited as the top high school “Test Tool Website” in ComputED’s 2011 Education Software Review Awards (EDDIE Awards), Kaplan’s SAT On Demand offers ultimate convenience and provides flexible and personalized classes that guarantees higher test results.

“Picking the right college is a life changing decision. It’s important for student-athletes to recognize that the choice of a college or university is not just a 4-year decision; it is a 40-year decision that will impact their professional future and personal success in life,” says Krause. “The last thing we want is for our student-athletes to be denied by their top athletic choices simply because their academics weren’t up to par. NCSA believes in putting together a plan that will help an athlete maximize their scholarship potential. A major part of that plan includes Test Prep, and we wanted the best in the world to help the athletes in our network. Kaplan and NCSA share the same vision of empowering student-athletes to be successful in college and in life.”

High school athletes seeking recruiting assistance and the chance to maximize scholarship opportunities can sign up for a free profile at and learn about the benefits of being an NCSA member, including the opportunity to access Kaplan test prep for free.

NCSA tips for student-athletes:


NCSA and Kaplan know that working in a team helps motivate student-athletes to practice or study.


Becoming a better athlete and student requires practice and dedication. The more a student-athlete practices or studies for a test, the better he/she will be. Kaplan offers free PSAT, SAT or ACT practice tests for students to learn what to expect on the tests and identify areas for improvement


Kaplan offers an array of practice materials such as software, books or classroom exercises to help boost practice and give practical tips on test-taking strategies.


Create a study schedule and then stick to the schedule. Setting aside just a few minutes a day can make a huge difference in a student’s test performance.


Students should reward themselves and keep motivated by creating an incentive system. For example, stopping for a smoothie after every practice session is a good reward.

*SAT is a registered trademark of the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product.

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