Kaplan Test Prep Survey: Although Most Top Business Schools Now Accept the GRE as an Alternative to the GMAT, Only 16% of Future Business School Applicants Considered the GRE Option

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New York, NY (April 25, 2012) – Despite the fact that a majority of top business schools now accept the GRE as an admissions alternative to the GMAT, just 16% of prospective business school students said they considered taking the GRE route, according to a recent Kaplan Test Prep survey*.   And of the 84% who said they never considered taking the GRE instead of the GMAT, 60% said the primary reason was because some or all their target schools only accept the GMAT; 19% said it was because they felt applicants who submit a GMAT score have an admissions advantage over applicants who submit a GRE score; and 8% said it was because they thought they’d do better on the GMAT than on the GRE.

“Even though 60% of students said the primary reason they never considered taking the GRE over the GMAT was because the business schools they plan on applying to don’t accept the GRE, we believe that number may be inflated because of a lack of information.  Many of them would be surprised to know that most, if not all of the business schools they plan on applying to accept the GRE, in addition to the GMAT,” said Lee Weiss, director of graduate programs, Kaplan Test Prep.  “However, it’s still a smart business school admissions strategy to take the GMAT if you are only applying to business school, and not considering applying to graduate school too.  According to a separate Kaplan survey of business school admissions officers, applicants who submit a GMAT score have a slight admissions advantage over applicants who submit a GRE score.”

Kaplan Test Prep believes an increasing number of business school will accept the GRE in the years to come, though applicants who submit a GMAT score may continue to hold an advantage, especially because the GMAT is adding an Integrated Reasoning section in June to reinforce its status as the best predictor of student success in business school.  Kaplan will continue to track this trend.

In 2011, there were a record 700,000+ administrations of the GRE worldwide.

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*The survey was administered by email between November 2011 and April 2012 and included responses from 314 Kaplan GMAT students.

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