Kaplan Publishes White Paper with Dr. Witherspoon on Improving Teacher-Student Communications for Higher Achievement

New white paper gives practical tips and best practices for transforming teachers’ expectations of students and fostering a collaborative classroom where every individual feels supported.

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New York, NY (September 25, 2012) – Teachers have long been challenged in affording underperforming students the opportunity to achieve academically. One explanation for this challenge centers on the Teacher Expectancy Model. Kaplan K12 Learning Services’ new white paper, “Positively Impacting the Student-Teacher Relationship through Differentiated Instruction,” written by Erick E. Witherspoon, Ed. D., an adjunct professor at the University of Redlands and principal of W.J.C. Trapp Elementary School in Rialto, Calif., outlines how to overcome this challenge.

Under the Teacher Expectancy model, educators communicate high expectations to those deemed to be potential high achievers, and low expectations to those they see as potential low achievers. Being assigned to the latter category can be particularly damaging for students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, but may have a negative impact on any child. Students who are treated consistently as “low achievers” often don’t form strong relationships with teachers and other school staff, may experience reinforcement of a negative academic self image, and can feel alienated and disengaged—conditions that often lead a student to drop out.

In the white paper, Dr. Witherspoon addresses best practices for remedying this situation. Teachers can:

  • Avoid the natural tendency to pre-sort students based on clothing, speech or posture.
  • Build relationships with every student; do not project favoritism.
  • Involve all students in instruction and classroom activities so that those with learning disabilities feel engaged in their school community.

Witherspoon also encourages the use of the Democratic Classroom model, which fosters a classroom culture that encourages students to learn and use critical problem-solving techniques, allows each child to contribute their best, and helps teachers to build relationships with students and earn their trust. This model is designed to lessen teacher communication of low expectations and engage all students, not just a select few.

“Because we are committed to helping every teacher and student succeed, our state assessment and college test readiness programs are grounded in this approach,” said Mark Freidberg, vice president and general manager of Kaplan K12 Learning Services. “We’ve developed Kaplan K12 Teach!® Strategies and Resources to provide effective differentiated instruction to students at varying levels. Our online teacher toolkit is equipped with more than 3,000 lessons, assessments and videos that educators can filter by grade, subject-area, state-specific or Common Core standards. Each lesson comes in three levels, ensuring that all students can feel capable and engaged.”

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