October 4, 2012

The Wall Street Journal: “Web Profiles Haunt Students”

Jezebel: “Future Undergrads: Colleges are Cyber-Stalking You and There’s Nothing You Can Do About It”

Examiner.com: “Facebook and Twitter posts can impact teen’s future”

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “Students shouldn’t air their “digital dirty laundry” as more college admissions officers are looking”

The Oregonian: “College applicants’ online reputations can hurt their admission chances”

All Facebook: “Questionable Facebook Content Hurting Chances At College Admission”

The Chronicle of Higher Education: “More Admissions Officers Find Damaging Material in Applicants’ Online Profiles”

Ubergizmo: “Yes, college admissions officers are looking through your Facebook”

The Deseret News: “Some social media use can keep students out of college”

The Minnesota Daily (University of Minnesota): “Daily Digest: Alcohol pics hurt college applicants”

Top MBA Connect: “How to Pay for Business School Now That Subsidized Graduate Stafford Loans Are Gone”