Kaplan Test Prep’s 2012 Survey of College Admissions Officers

To ensure that students are receiving accurate and up-to-date information on trends in the college admissions process, Kaplan Test Prep annually surveys admissions officers from the top 500 colleges and universities in the U.S.*  The survey data collected helps guide the tens of thousands of college applicants Kaplan works with each year. The results from this year’s survey can be seen here.  (Numbers in parentheses reflects the findings of identically-worded questions from Kaplan’s 2011 survey of college admissions officers.)

Among the highlights of this year’s survey:

Does your school require the SAT® or ACT®?

  • Either the SAT or ACT: 85% (87%)
  • Neither: 11% (7%)
  • Other: 4% (6%)

Is there any advantage to an applicant submitting both and SAT and ACT score instead instead of only one score, assuming both scores are strong?

  • Yes: 18%
  •  No: 79%
  • Not sure: 2%

Do you use Twitter for recruiting purposes?

  • Yes: 76%
  • No: 24%

Do you use YouTube for recruiting purposes?

  • Yes: 73% (66%)
  • No: 27% (34%)

Do you use Facebook for recruiting purposes?

  • Yes: 87% (85%)
  •  No: 14% (15%)

Do you use Google Plus for recruiting purposes?

  • Yes: 9%
  •  No: 91%

Have you ever Googled an applicant to learn more about them?

  •  Yes: 27%
  • No: 73%

Have you ever visited an applicant’s social networking page like Facebook to learn more about them?

  • Yes: 26%
  •  No: 74%

Have you ever discovered something online about an applicant that negatively impacted their application?

  • Yes: 35%
  • No: 65%

*Top 500 colleges and universities as compiled from U.S. News   World Report and Barron’s. For the 2012 survey, 350 admissions officers responded to Kaplan’s telephone polling between July and September 2012. SAT is a registered trademark of the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse this product. ACT is a registered trademark of ACT, Inc, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse this product