Kaplan Test Prep’s 2013 Survey of Medical School Admissions Officers

med-schoolAccording to Kaplan Test Prep’s 2013 survey of medical  school admissions officers at 79 medical schools across the United States, there is strong support for the upcoming MCAT changes set to launch in 2015, though an increasing number also think the new MCAT will be more challenging than the current one. For more complete results, click on Kaplan Test Prep’s 2013 Survey of Medical School Admissions Officers.  Below are some key findings:



Based on what you know about the new MCAT, do you support the approved changes?

  • Completely yes:  35%
  • Generally yes: 55%
  • Generally no: 8%
  • Completely no: 1%
  • Not sure: 0%

Do you think the changes will better prepare students for medical school?

  • Yes:  75%
  • No: 25%

How do you think the MCAT changes will affect the test’s difficulty?

  • More difficult: 43%
  • Less difficult: 2%
  • The level of difficulty will remain about the same:  55%
  • Not sure: 0%

Compared to three years ago, have you seen an increase or decrease in the number of applicants who have enrolled in post-bacc programs?

  • Increase: 71%
  • Decrease: 0%
  • No change: 29%

Does strong performance in a post-bacc program improve an applicant’s chances of acceptance?

  • Yes: 90%
  • No: 10%