Kaplan Test Prep’s 2014 Survey of College Admissions Officers

letter-of-intent-graduate-schoolTo ensure that students and their parents receive accurate and up-to-date information on trends in the college admissions process, Kaplan Test Prep annually surveys admissions officers from the top national, regional and liberal arts colleges and universities in the U.S. The survey data collected helps Kaplan provided informed insights to the tens of thousands of families we work with each year.  With big changes coming to the SAT in 2016, a good portion of this year’s survey focused on this important issue.  We also focused on the serious issue of sexual assault on campus, which continues to garner attention. Click Kaplan Test Prep’s 2014 Survey of College Admissions Officers for the results.

Among the highlights of this year’s survey:

Does your school require the SAT® or ACT®?

  • Either the SAT or ACT: 88%
  • Neither: 12%

To what extent do you agree with the makers of the SAT to change the exam’s content?

  • Completely agree: 8%
  • Generally agree: 71%
  • Generally disagree: 13%
  • Completely disagree: 8%

Do you think U.S. News & World Report should change their  rankings formula to factor in how safe a campus is?

  • Yes: 61%
  • No: 26%
  • Unsure: 13%

Has your school stepped up efforts to combat sexual assault on campus over the past two years?

  • Yes: 80%
  • No: 13%
  • Unsure: 7%

Beyond your school, do you think enough is being done by college administrations nationwide to combat sexual assault
on campus?

  • Yes: 21%
  • No: 55%
  • Unsure: 23%