Dev Bootcamp and Metis Partner with Skills Fund to Broaden Access to Web Developer and Data Science Programs

Exclusive Financing Options Provided to Dev Bootcamp and Metis Students

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San Francisco, CA (October 21, 2015) – Today, Dev Bootcamp – the original immersive coding school for web developers – and Metis – a leading provider of accredited, intensive data science programs – announced a partnership with Skills Fund, a student lending platform designed specifically for bootcamps.

As part of the relationship, Skills Fund will offer Dev Bootcamp (DBC) and Metis students their lowest fixed interest rates on 36 and 60-month loans at 5.99 percent and 7.99 percent, respectively. The longer term loans and competitive rates open the door for a greater number of dedicated students to participate in these programs that equip them with the technical knowledge and interpersonal skills for careers in software development and data science.

The creation of a platform like Skills Fund is an indication of the bootcamp industry’s growth potential and its influence on sectors beyond education, like financial services. By the end of 2015, Course Report estimates that more than 16,000 students will graduate from bootcamps across the U.S. And in a separate report, it notes that as of August, seven lending platforms have formed direct partnerships with coding schools. Skills Fund remains the only lender that is exclusively dedicated to bootcamp students.

“Because of Skills Fund CEO Rick O’Donnell’s long-time dedication to education and consumer protection in the state of Colorado, we are confident that his company shares in our commitment to building lasting relationships with our students after graduation,” said Tarlin Ray, Vice President of Business Development and Corporate Strategy for Dev Bootcamp and Metis. “We are excited about Skills Fund because they are invested in working with bootcamp students, they have flexible options which cater to a bootcamp student’s schedule, and they are focused on increasing access to a broader group of students.”

As of July, DBC’s student body make-up was approximately 30 percent female and 45 percent non-white. Ultimately, the company’s long-term goal is to achieve demographic representation with a wide range of students from all backgrounds. Metis offers a $2,000 scholarship for women and underrepresented minorities, one of the largest sums in the industry, and the organization recently graduated its most diverse class with 48 percent women.

“Following extensive due diligence on Dev Bootcamp’s and Metis’ curriculum and student success, we are certain we have partners offering invaluable skills education,” said Rick O’Donnell, founder and CEO of Skills Fund. “Together we will offer what could quite possibly be the most competitive student financing to ensure broad access to these exceptional programs.”

In addition to the rigorous training that Dev Bootcamp and Metis provide students, both programs employ full-time career coaches dedicated to helping students secure a job both in and outside of their employer networks. Career services continue well after graduates land their first job; alumni can return for help finding new jobs the entire span of their careers.

Along with Skills Fund, Dev Bootcamp and Metis have a financing partnership with FinTech startup Affirm as part of its education financing platform.

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About Dev Bootcamp

Dev Bootcamp pioneered the short-term, immersive developer bootcamp, a model that transforms beginners into highly employable web developers in a matter of months. The 18-week curriculum, and one week of career training, teaches the technical skills people need to work as a web developer, but also the interpersonal skills that are critical to working in dynamic, cross-functional engineering teams. With more than 1,700 graduates to date, and locations in San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, and New York City, Dev Bootcamp continues to lead the industry through innovation and expansion. Dev Bootcamp is owned by Kaplan, Inc. For more information, visit

About Metis

Metis ( is a leading provider of data science skills training for individuals. Part of Kaplan’s New Economy Skills Training (NEST) unit, Metis delivers training programs designed by world-class industry practitioners and runs the industry’s only accredited data science bootcamp. Metis has locations in New York and San Francisco and is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education & Training (ACCET).

About Skills Fund

Skills Fund: A student financing platform that facilitates the growth of high-quality, innovative higher education providers. How? First, we ensure that coding, data science, and other accelerated learning programs meet our quality standards, including strong graduate employment outcomes. Second, programs that meet those standards obtain access to competitive financing products for their students. In partnership with one of the largest nonprofits in the student loan industry, Skills Fund is combining the functions of lender and quality assurance entity to align all financial incentives around student success.

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