Dr. Deborah Berebichez

Expert on: Data science; women and diversity in the tech sector; making science “fun” for young people.

Dr. Deborah Berebichez is Metis’ Chief Data Scientist. In this role, Dr. Berebichez oversees and develops Metis’ expanding suite of data science program and course offerings, which includes the industry’s only accredited intensive data science bootcamp (New York City and San Francisco), a data visualization course with D3.JS, and a Big Data course that teaches Hadoop and Spark, as well as professional development and corporate training. An academic trailblazer, Dr. Berebichez made history in 2004 when she became the first Mexican-born woman to earn a Ph.D. in physics at Stanford University. In 2016, Mexico’s Quién magazine named her as one of the “50 People Who Are Transforming Mexico.” Co-host of the Discovery Channel’s Outrageous Acts of Science TV show and a regular guest expert on CNN, Nova and other shows, Dr. Berebichez is able to apply her unique blend of skills to break down complex science and data concepts for the average viewer.