Leading Data Science Training Provider Metis Launches Nationwide “Demystifying Data Science” Campaign to Provide Insight Into Today’s Hottest STEM Field

Career Awareness Initiative Features 12 Hour Free Live Online Conference
Hosted By Top Data Science Talent

Press contact: Michael Tague, michael.tague@kaplan.com, 212.974.2785, @thisismetis

New York, NY (July 10, 2017) – To pull back the curtain on one of the nation’s most in-demand yet least understood jobs, leading data science training provider Metis is launching an educational “Demystifying Data Science” campaign, comprised of in-person and livestreamed events, communities, and resources for aspiring data scientists.

“Data science is fundamentally changing how companies, governments, and NGOs operate, but there are still so many questions around data science basics,” said Jason Moss, co-founder and president of Metis. “We’ve heard from both employers and job-seekers that a comprehensive approach to tackling data science training is crucial for their success in today’s economy. All of the community-building efforts of our Demystifying Data Science initiative are meant to address these growing needs.”

The first-of-its-kind “Demystifying Data Science” initiative is comprised of several community-building efforts:

  • The inaugural Demystifying Data Science Live Online Conference, a free 12-hour continuous livestream featuring major speakers from the data science field, on September 27.
  • Events featuring expert presentations, panel discussions, and workshops in major data science hubs across the nation, including Seattle and Chicago, many of which are livestreamed
  • 7 Meetup groups comprised of 11,000 members across 5 cities (New York City, Chicago, Washington DC, Seattle, and San Francisco) who meet for workshops and panel discussions, including an LGBTQ professional development group.
  • An online Slack community for people interested in data science to engage with one another, as well as Metis alumni, students, and staff, to learn about new events and data science news.
  • The hiring of a National Data Science Evangelist, Lee Ngo, formerly Evangelist at Galvanize Inc. Ngo joins the talented Metis team to drive community building across data science efforts throughout the country.
  • A blog series detailing the paths of Metis alumni from different backgrounds who successfully transitioned to careers in data science.

Among the STEM disciplines, data science skills have become the most valued by employers nationwide. A poll conducted by Gallup for the Business-Higher Education Forum found that 69 percent of employers expect candidates with data science skills to get preference for jobs within their organizations, although just 23 percent of college leaders said their graduates will have those skills.

“We live in a world where billions of terabytes of data are collected, but the key is knowing what to do with that all that data — how to analyze, interpret and communicate insights gleaned from it. We’re dedicated to making data science skills accessible to everyone,” said Lee Ngo, Metis’s National Data Science Evangelist. “From events in major data science hub cities to livestreamed sessions and online communities available across the world, we want to make it possible for aspiring data scientists everywhere to start building expertise in the field.”

Metis accelerates the careers of data scientists with full-time immersive bootcamps, part-time professional development courses, online training, and corporate programs. Its courses are taught by expert data science practitioners, integrating project-based learning with real data sets.

The Demystifying Data Science initiative follows a series of expansions for Metis, including opening new locations in Seattle and Chicago, launching new professional development courses (Deep Learning with TensorFlow and Statistical Foundations for Data Science and Machine Learning), and graduating its largest bootcamp classes ever in San Francisco and its flagship New York City center.

As one of the initiative’s highlights, the first-ever free Demystifying Data Science Live Online Conference will consist of 12 hours of consecutive live online data science presentations from top experts in the field. The conference will take place on September 27, 2017 from 10AM – 10PM ET. Register for the event here.

To speak with a Metis spokesperson about Demystifying Data Science, please contact Michael Tague at 212-974-2785 or michael.tague@kaplan.com. For more information on all of Metis’s programs and offerings, visit www.thisismetis.com.

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