Kaplan Test Prep Survey: Hope for Young Voter Turnout May Lie Among America’s Future Professionals

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New York, NY (October 31, 2018) — Amid reports of possible low turnout among young voters, a new Kaplan Test Prep survey indicates that at least one segment of younger voters says it plans to participate at the ballot box: college-educated students who are planning to become future professionals. A new survey of nearly 400 18-29 year olds who are preparing for  graduate-level admissions or professional licensure exams shows that 93% of those who are registered to vote say they plan to do so in the midterm elections on November 6*. In contrast to a recent poll by the Institute of Politics (IOP) at Harvard Kennedy School that showed just 40 percent of young Americans 18-29 across the general U.S. population plan to vote in the midterms, Kaplan’s survey represented students preparing to be lawyers, doctors, nurses, business people, engineers, educators, psychologists and others — America’s future professional ranks.

Those surveyed mentioned immigration, healthcare, climate change, women’s rights and civil rights as the issues that are most motivating them to vote next month. As one respondent shared, “My education would be worthless if I did not take the opportunity to vote.” Another shared, “I believe if you don’t vote then you do not have the right to complain about the government.”

When asked what they feel are effective ways to make their voices heard, this group of young voters largely think that traditional activities like voting and getting out the vote are the best ways to channel their energies, rather than posting on social media.

  • Voting: 92%
  • Mobilizing others to vote: 55%
  • Contacting members of Congress: 39%
  • Running for public office: 35%
  • Working for campaigns/candidates: 35%
  • Organizing or participating in public demonstrations: 34%
  • Working in grassroots organizations: 33%
  • Signing petitions: 26%
  • Posting on social media: 26%
  • Contacting the media: 11%

“These survey results show a high level of interest in this year’s election among America’s future professionals, which is notable given that younger Americans generally vote at a much lower rate than their parents and grandparents.  It also offers insight into what their values are and what is motivating them to turn out,” said Yariv Alpher, executive director of research, Kaplan Test Prep. “Election Day is only a few days away and we’re looking forward to seeing how these particular voters make their voices heard.”

To learn more about where candidates running in your district or state stand on the issues, you can visit a nonpartisan site like USAFacts.

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