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Articles published in January 2020

Enhanced Learning and Reporting Platform

by Christopher Cimino, MD, FACMI, VP of Medical Academics, Kaplan Medical | January 29, 2020

I am pleased to announce the official launch of our enhanced institutional learning and reporting platform for our Step 1 and Level 1 Qbanks.

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Reflections on IMSH 2020 and i-Human Patients by Kaplan

by Daniel Nelson II, Executive Director, Global Medical Sales | January 21, 2020

This week, i-Human Patients by Kaplan attended IMSH 2020, the annual meeting of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare.

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Partnership is the Key to Preparing Students for Standardized Exams

by Molly Johannessen, PhD | January 20, 2020

Educationally designed, standardized exams were created as a metric for learning, to help pinpoint areas for improvement, and to help learners and institutions evaluate progress.

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Reflection on a Year as a Medical Learning Consultant: Supporting Future Physicians with Innovative and Evolving Curricula

by Molly Johannessen, PhD | January 7, 2020

Over the last year I have visited with a multitude of medical schools in the US, Caribbean, Central and South America and I've had the opportunity to meet with those who are dedicated to training the next generation of future physicians.

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