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Articles published in July 2020

Uncertainty Develops a Physician: New Challenges for Medical Educators in Extraordinary Times

by Mark Tyler-Lloyd, M.D., Executive Director of Medical Academics | July 27, 2020

We have entered a unique and urgent time in medical education. Internal test changes and the external threat of a deadly pandemic have amplified the usual anxiety provoking challenges of being a medical student. 

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Meet the Kaplan Experts: Melissa King, i-Human Patients by Kaplan Account & Implementation Manager

by Melissa King, i-Human Patient by Kaplan Account & Implementation Manager | July 9, 2020
Meet the Kaplan Medical Experts

During my 9 years at Kaplan, I’ve been fortunate to work with many types of experts, and have learned a great deal from each and every one: from international & US medical students, to nursing faculty, to institutional partners, to standardized patients. 

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