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Articles published in June 2021

Meet the Kaplan Experts: James Barger, Instructor & Tutor

by James Barger, Instructor & Tutor | June 29, 2021

I love all of my teaching, but I love teaching the MCAT and LSAT most of all because so many students view these tests as a nearly insurmountable barrier to achieving their goals. I love empowering them and helping them achieve their potential.

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Med Student Success Story: Devon Askins, MD Candidate

by Devon Askins, MD Candidate | June 28, 2021

My first experience with Kaplan was for my MCAT prep. I loved the level of preparation and confidence I received from their resources, so of course I trusted them for my USMLE prep.

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Webinar in Review: Addressing Healthcare Inequities Impacting the BIPOC LGBTQIA+ Community 

June 22, 2021

In this event, panelists addressed the specific challenges Queer members of BIPOC communities encounter when it comes to healthcare as well as proactive steps that healthcare providers, medical educators, and LGTBQIA+ allies can take to further improve the Queer healthcare experience.

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Teachable Moments in Problem-Based Learning: Why am I Paying Tuition to be Taught By My Classmates?

by Christopher Cimino, MD, FACMI, VP of Medical Academics, Kaplan Medical | June 17, 2021
Kaplan Medical Educators

When the primary blocker to learning is a mismatched attitude, logical reasons will not work as well as immersion in the environment. Immersive learning can be enhanced by teachable moments.

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Examining the “Why” Behind the MCAT Course Updates

by Elijah Schwartz, MSEd, MS, BCBA-candidate, Senior Learning Strategist, Kaplan North America | June 17, 2021
Learning Science

As educators, it is fascinating to examine how education, neuroscience, motivational psychology, and the best of design could be combined to create, measure and iteratively improve learning outcomes.

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Pre-Med Myths & Tips: Maximizing Summer By Minimizing Distractions

by Petros Minasi, Jr., Sr. Director, Pre-Health Programs | June 10, 2021

Rest is important, and summer naturally provides an opportunity to catch up on it. However, there is something to be said about finding activities that keep you both mentally, physically, and emotionally active.

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Pre-Med Student Success Story: Camryn Means

June 8, 2021
Kaplan MCAT Student Success

Learn more about med student Camryn Means and how Kaplan helped her score 518 on the MCAT.

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KMHS Alumni: Salvador Alejandro Caceros Diaz, MD Candidate

by Kaplan Medical Honor Society | June 7, 2021
Kaplan Medical Honor Society

Catch up with Kaplan Medical Honor Society alumni, Salvador Alejandro Caceros Diaz, to learn more about his path from studying in El Salvador to becoming an M.D. in the United States.

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