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Articles published in January 2022

Catching Up with Mark Ratliff, Business Developer, Kaplan Medical

by Mark Ratliff, Business Developer, Kaplan Medical | January 26, 2022
Meet the Kaplan Medical Experts

New on the Kaplan Medical Blog: We’re catching up with Mark Ratliff, Business Developer, to learn more about his thoughts on the present state and future potential of medical education.

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Introducing Kaplan All Access License

by Kim Canning, Executive Director, Kaplan Partner Solutions | January 25, 2022
 Kaplan All Access License

Kaplan has created a new model to provide an All Access License at a university-wide level to all of our industry leading test prep, licensure and credentialing programs. Kaplan can support your students and school with an All Access License which dramatically reduces cost and increases access.

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Reflecting on the Kaplan Med School Admissions Officers Survey

by Petros Minasi, Jr., Sr. Director, Pre-Health Programs | January 24, 2022
Kaplan Med School Admissions Officers Survey

Kaplan annually conducts a survey of medical school admissions officers so we can gain insight to the process beyond what the numbers show, and share that information with students and advisors.

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Osteopathic Philosophy Questions on COMLEX-USA

by Jonathan Bruner, D.O., Director of Osteopathic Curriculum | January 14, 2022

Understanding the intricacies of a standardized test can be an arduous task. This is no different when it comes to the COMLEX-USA exams. Specifically, there can be some confusion when it comes to the osteopathic philosophy questions.

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Have We Lost Our Way? And If We Have, Will We Find it Again in 2022?

by Christopher Cimino, MD, FACMI, VP of Medical Academics, Kaplan Medical | January 12, 2022

Last year brought a wave of changes to the way we will need to prepare our students for their board exams in the future. As we begin 2022, I believe that we can learn from these shifts by adopting a more agile outlook and increasingly holistic approaches to medical education.

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KMHS Alumni: Irving Alexis Guatemala Funes, MD Candidate

by Kaplan Medical Honor Society | January 3, 2022
Kaplan Medical Honor Society

Catch up with Kaplan Medical Honor Society alumni, Irving Alexis Guatemala Funes, to learn more about his path from studying in Costa Rica to becoming an M.D. in the United States.

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