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Rising to the Challenge: Developing Tools to Support Future Clinicians Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

by Molly Johannessen, PhD | April 1, 2020

As we all weather the transitions that are occurring in medical education during this difficult time, one thing is certain: distance learning and digital resources are necessary tools for each of us dedicated to supporting future healthcare professionals.

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Reflection on a Year as a Medical Learning Consultant: A Case for Continuous Improvement

by Molly Johannessen, PhD | March 10, 2020

Much of this year has been filled with empowerment and inspiration for me because of the phenomenal work that I’ve witnessed occuring at medical institutions across the United States and beyond.

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Facing the Cost of Becoming a Physician: Both Literal and Figurative

by Molly Johannessen, PhD | February 4, 2020

The journey into medicine is not easy. From huge financial as well as emotional costs to the prevalence of burnout, there are many daunting obstacles facing future physicians.

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Reflection on a Year as a Medical Learning Consultant: Supporting Future Physicians with Innovative and Evolving Curricula

by Molly Johannessen, PhD | January 7, 2020

Over the last year I have visited with a multitude of medical schools in the US, Caribbean, Central and South America and I've had the opportunity to meet with those who are dedicated to training the next generation of future physicians.

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