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How to Utilize Student-Centered & Active Learning Methods in PA Education

by James Van Rhee, M.S., PA-C, Program Director, Associate Professor, Yale School of Medicine | November 9, 2021
Kaplan Physician Assistant Educators

In physician assistant education we use methods such as team-based learning, problem-based learning, and case-based learning. But do these methods promote student-centered education, or do we promote a faculty-centered approach?

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Teachable Moments in Problem-Based Learning: Why am I Paying Tuition to be Taught By My Classmates?

by Christopher Cimino, MD, FACMI, VP of Medical Academics, Kaplan Medical | June 17, 2021
Kaplan Medical Educators

When the primary blocker to learning is a mismatched attitude, logical reasons will not work as well as immersion in the environment. Immersive learning can be enhanced by teachable moments.

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