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Articles published in 2020

Evaluating Student Potential Through the Window of Assessment

by Robert Millard, Director of Assessment & Kristin Murner, Director, Learning Design | November 10, 2020

Every assessment type serves a purpose and, when carefully constructed and aligned to instructional objectives, each can provide information about student learning.

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Using Psychometrics and Learning Science Analysis to Enhance Nursing Education

by John V. Harnisher  Ph.D., Vice President, Psychometrics and Learning Analytics | October 27, 2020
Kaplan Nursing Learning Science

The most basic requirement of an assessment is that it be reliable and valid, and we rely upon our Kaplan team of psychometric experts to ensure this is the case.

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Nightingale Challenge Meeting: Exploring Learning Science and Gen Z Nursing Students

by Audrey S. Schou, MSN, RN, Kaplan Nursing School Consultant & Electra Allen, MSN, RN, CPN  | September 28, 2020

The goals of this Nightingale Challenge presentation were to understand the the different types of learning, memory, and retention, to explore techniques to help students learn more effectively, and to gain more understanding more about Gen Z students and how they learn.

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Nightingale Challenge Meeting: The Benefits of Collaboration with an Instructional Designer

by Rebecca L. Potter PhD(c), MSIDT, MSN/ED, RN, Director of Nursing Product Content | May 28, 2020

The goal of this Nightingale Challenge presentation was to show that Nursing faculty must continue to evolve their teaching by increasing their comfort level around collaborating with an instructional designer (ID) or learning design teams. 

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