Fall 2021: What’s New At Kaplan Nursing

by Susan Sanders, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, Vice President of Kaplan Nursing | August 19, 2021

Hello & welcome to the Fall 2021 Term! 

To begin, we wanted to take a moment to acknowledge that this Fall’s cohort is particularly special as they could or may be the first students who will take the Next Generation NCLEX. While we know it can feel overwhelming, we just wanted to remind you that you’ve got this!

At Kaplan, our team has been hard at work developing, testing, and improving the tools you will need to help your students succeed on NGN and beyond. I’m excited to share a few of the projects and updates that will be available to you this Fall. 

Integrated Exams

As most schools are returning to in-person testing this fall, we are releasing all of our integrated tests (A, B, & C versions) for your use in a proctored session beginning September 15, 2021. These will be available for you as faculty to schedule, as you have done in the past, with no extra permissions needed. These tests may be proctored by faculty, computer lab personnel or by our remote proctor partner, Examity. It is imperative that you continue to proctor with the best practices in order to ensure test security for you and all nursing programs using the Kaplan resources. 

We are also continuing to provide our “alternate” (Alt) tests that do not require proctoring, but remember these have minimal norming data since they are unsecure. 

Kaplan Lockdown Browser by Respondus

Since we are bringing back all of our secure tests, the lockdown browser* will be required for all A, B and C tests. 

This lockdown browser will work on laptops (including MAC), desktops as well as iPads. It will also work on institutional Chromebooks** in the Kiosk mode. 

*NOTE: This Lockdown Browser must be obtained through the Kaplan site and not through the Respondus site.

**NOTE: It does not work on individual Chromebooks. 

Remote Proctoring

Examity will continue to be the remote proctoring option that is integrated with Kaplan for the Fall 2021 semester. 

Experimental Questions

We will continue to field test our new items for integrated tests plus our NGN items. We don’t anticipate this part of our program to ever “go away” as we always need new items and NCSBN includes experimental items in the NCLEX as well. 

Next Generation NCLEX (NGN) Update

At Kaplan, we are hard at work preparing for NGN. We are in the midst of writing our PN & RN cases + new item types, gathering performance data on those items and developing tools for faculty and students to use in preparation for the NGN rollout expected April 2023. 

What you already have access to is recordings and presentations about NGN, How to Author a Case Study, NGN Item Writing, NGN example question practice (pdf to print), and a lesson plan example. 

What will be rolling out starting this fall. NGN Sample tests in the Focused Review area and NGN items in Integrated tests as part of the 15 experimental items for field testing. The NGN Sample tests will be in both RN and PN resources and will consist of a 30 question test with NGN sets (cases & 6 questions), as well as NGN-like standalone items. Please do not worry about leveling or assigning. At this point there are a range of topics and difficulty levels to give the students an opportunity to see what an NGN question looks like. 

For more resources about NGN, please visit our website and discover white papers, webinar recordings, and articles from our NCLEX experts on the Kaplan Nursing Blog

NEW i-Human Patient Cases for Undergraduate Students 

Check out what’s new for Fall 2021 from i-Human Patients: 

  • Now Over 130 Cases (36 New!)  
  • Refreshed Content & Updated Technology 
  • Enhanced Student Support  

Additionally, to learn more about the value of incorporating virtual simulation into your undergraduate nursing curriculum, visit our Kaplan Nursing Blog for panel webinars, white papers, and blog articles from virtual simulation experts. You can also visit our website to request a demo today.

And finally, if you have any questions or concerns about NGN or how Kaplan can support you as you support your students, please reach out to your regional representative or contact us today

Wishing you all the best this semester!

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As Vice President of Kaplan Nursing, Dr. Sanders, oversees the vision and strategy surrounding product development, research and consulting for the company’s full suite of nursing products.  The nursing team has expanded Kaplan’s NCLEX prep business into benchmark testing and remediation with the addition of service and consulting. She has focused on student, faculty, staff and program development through an emphasis on outcomes. She is experienced in delivering presentations to regional and national audiences. She has gained additional leadership expertise as president of the state nurses association, through professional memberships, and through board certification as an Advanced Nurse Executive (NEA-BC).

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