Reflecting on 2020 as We Thrive into 2021

by Susan Sanders, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, Vice President of Kaplan Nursing | January 19, 2021

As we step into 2021, it’s important to look back at the past year to not only learn from the challenges of 2020, but also to be grateful for the opportunity to teach our students valuable lessons about resilience, adaptability, and collaboration. At Kaplan Nursing, we’re applying those same principles to our partnerships with you. We are committed to providing you with the most up-to-date resources and information that you need in order to help your students succeed. In this article, I’ve outlined a few of the initiatives, resources, and updates that we’re particularly excited about this year: 

The “Year of the Nurse” Continues at Kaplan

The “official” 2020 Year of the Nurse (YON) sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO) has come to an end. However, the need for and value of nurses continues to surge! This makes our jobs of preparing/educating nurses even more important! 

In 2020, Kaplan Nursing participated in the YOTN by mentoring novice nurse educators throughout the year as part of Nursing Now’s Nightingale Challenge initiative.. We provided individual interactions plus a monthly educational session for the mentees. This year we’re excited to announce that you too will be able to benefit from these sessions. 

This year, our Kaplan Nursing Blog will include: 

  • Recordings of our Nightingale Challenge video lectures
  • Interviews with the Nightingale Challenge nurse educators

And you can also catch up on the lecture outlines by reading previous articles written by our Kaplan Nursing team. 

Kaplan Response to the Pandemic

The pandemic isn’t yet behind us but we are certainly becoming experienced in preparing and managing the new requirements for our jobs. That doesn’t mean it gets any easier but it does provide us with some best practices that we can share with each other. 

We provide each of our partner schools a Faculty Nurse Consultant (Experienced Nurse Educator) to help guide you through this new time of online and distance learning by providing suggestions and best practices garnered from our over 600 clients. 

Additionally, i-Human Patients by Kaplan offers students opportunities to practice and master clinical judgment skills in a safe, standardized, virtual clinical setting. In response to the decreased access to on-site clinical experience we have added many new cases to the i-Human Patients portfolio.

Preparing for Next Generation NCLEX

Another topic that is top of mind for nurse educators is the move by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) to Next Generation NCLEX (NGN) preparation. Our Kaplan Nursing team has been busy attending NCSBN general as well as private sessions to learn more about NGN news and changes. 

At our latest meeting in December we found out about:

  • 2 new NGN items 
  • plus the proposed scoring methods for each of the new items. 

We have been busy working on our plans for moving forward with NGN by developing our item writing methodology which includes not only the items but the best practices in case study development. 

i-Human Patients by Kaplan Places Students at the Virtual Bedside of Patients

At Kaplan we believe an extremely important factor in measuring clinical judgment is placing the student at the bedside of the client when they are testing. By this we mean that the student isn’t really “just” answering test items but they are truly preparing to care for clients. We would like to help the student answer the question while envisioning their care delivery to the client! 

We believe the inclusion of iHuman Patients by Kaplan into the suite of nursing education products will provide additional clinical judgment tools in the educational preparation of undergraduate nursing students. 

Supporting Educators as You Support Students

Additional preparation for NGN also includes continuing education offerings to assist faculty with writing NGN items and cases. We will be adding NGN items to our formative and summative assessments over the next months as well as including these item sets in our NCLEX review course in the future. 

As the NCSBN continues planning for release of NGN no sooner than April 2023 for RN & PN we too will be preparing to support you on this initiative. 

New Additions to the Kaplan Nursing Suite of Resources 

This year has also brought many great additions to the Kaplan suite of resources, including: 

  • Development of new formative items and assessments  (categorized by topics such as Maternal Nursing).
  • Development of new summative items that have been field tested and normed for use in standardized assessments to compare student performance with other nursing students. 
  • Evaluation of the Kaplan Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) to determine if shortening of the tests (to match the current NCLEX)  will equate to the same confidence in student outcomes. 
  • Enhanced remediations for the Kaplan NCLEX Qbank that guide the students in using the steps of the decision tree (clinical judgment) while preparing for their NCLEX. These enhanced remediations also include more images and animations as recommended by both students and faculty. 
  • Continued development of iHuman Patients by Kaplan cases for undergraduate nurses (Over 55 virtual patient encounters of varied subjects are now available). 

To learn more about any of these resources and how we can partner with your institution, you can request more information about Kaplan Nursing from our website.

Wishing you and your students a great 2021!

NCLEX® is a registered trademark of the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, Inc. Test names are the property of the respective trademark holders, none of whom endorse or are affiliated with Kaplan.

As Vice President of Kaplan Nursing, Dr. Sanders, oversees the vision and strategy surrounding product development, research and consulting for the company’s full suite of nursing products.  The nursing team has expanded Kaplan’s NCLEX prep business into benchmark testing and remediation with the addition of service and consulting. She has focused on student, faculty, staff and program development through an emphasis on outcomes. She is experienced in delivering presentations to regional and national audiences. She has gained additional leadership expertise as president of the state nurses association, through professional memberships, and through board certification as an Advanced Nurse Executive (NEA-BC).

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