White Paper: Examining the Values of Implementing Virtual Simulation (VS) into Graduate Nursing Curricula

by Hallie Bensinger, DNP, APN, FNP | November 10, 2021

While COVID-19 was the catalyst for many educators and institutions to introduce virtual simulation (VS) into their graduate nursing curriculum, there are in fact many innovative uses for VS beyond clinical replacement. 

In the new Kaplan white paper, “Examining the Values of Implementing Virtual Simulation (VS) into Graduate Nursing Curricula,” I take a deep dive into the many ways in which VS can help students in their transition to becoming nurse practitioners.

DOWNLOAD "Examining the Values of Implementing Virtual Simulation (VS) into Graduate Nursing Curricula," to read the white paper.

The white paper offers detailed information and analysis about:

  • The importance and effectiveness of digital learning tools and virtual components of grad nursing school
  • The use and potential of virtual simulations in a post-COVID-19 world, including increased student engagement
  • How virtual patient encounters can effectively prepare students for real-world scenarios
  • Three case studies that showcase how i-Human Patients can be used to elevate graduate nursing education.

“Virtual Simulation can also help develop skills such as critical thinking and clinical judgment. It can, in some cases, even replace work in the clinic with greater efficiency and convenience. It can also boost student engagement and cohort success.” 

To learn more about ways Kaplan can support graduate nursing education, please reach out to your regional representative or visit our website to request an i-Human Patients demo today.

Dr. Bensinger is a Family Nurse Practitioner with over ten years of teaching experience at the undergraduate and graduate level.  She specializes in women's health.  She has served as an Assistant Professor and BSN/MSN Program director.  Her passion is in the area of teaching critical thinking and clinical reasoning.  She joined Kaplan in 2017 and enjoys working with faculty to promote student success.

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