Essential prep for AP® Exams and SAT® Subject Tests

Essential prep for the AP® exams

Get on the path to AP exam success.
Grades in college prep courses, such as Advanced Placement®, are cited as the most important factor in the college admissions process by college admissions counselors.* Kaplan offers a wide range of resources you can use. Whether you require one-on-one tutoring, live instruction, or flashcards on the go – Kaplan has you covered.

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Get exclusive one-on-one instruction from an outstanding tutor in your home or online at your convenience and on your schedule. Most popular AP tutoring subjects include Calculus, Physics, English Literature, Chemistry and U.S History, but we cover a wide range so call today to learn more.

  • Kaplan-certified tutors who are experts in the AP exams
  • Time-tested curriculum backed by research
  • A personalized program designed to build upon your child's strengths while making significant strides in weaker areas

The right tutor makes all the difference.
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Kaplan's best-selling AP Books offer in-depth coverage of every subject exam. Our books also provide practice tests and other prep tools to help push scores to the next level.

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