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Use recommended college admissions tools.

Log into your high school's recommended college admissions tool (e.g. Naviance), and begin researching the types of colleges you prefer.


Create a College Fact Chart.

Keep a detailed College Fact Chart of your target schools to help you compare and contrast each college.


Cast a broad net.

Have a good mix of dream, target and safety colleges on your target list. Keep your options and opportunities open.


Visit Websites of potential colleges.

Visit websites of potential colleges for admissions guidance:

  • Admissions test accepted (SAT/ACT)
  • Average test scores accepted
  • Acceptance of the Common Application
  • Tuition, room and board costs
  • Deadlines for applications, including financial and grant aid

Attend college fairs.

Check out this College Fair Checklist to prepare for the fair and learn what next steps to take afterwards.


Visit as many colleges as possible.

Use this Campus Visit Checklist to help you prepare, ask the right questions, and help stay organized.


Meet with current students or alumni.

Many colleges encourage you to meet with their students. Take advantage by thinking of questions ahead of time you can ask about their experience.


When you have lined up your college target list, it's time to apply.

Here are some useful tools and College Application Tips to help you get started.