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Your grades in college placement (Advanced Placement) and honors courses

These are the number one factor in college admissions.


The rigor and breadth of your courses

Beyond your grades, admission officers are looking at the intensity of your courses and the amount of work you complete.


Your high school grade point average

Be sure to ask your counselor how it is calculated at your high school and how colleges view it.


Your SAT and ACT scores

A good SAT or ACT score can have a strong impact on your application.


Your college essay

Learn how to write an amazing essay that is personal and showcases your writing skills.


Teacher and counselor recommendations

Colleges typically ask for one to two teacher recommendations and one recommendation from your counselor. Build solid relationships early, and learn how to ask for recommendations.


Your class rank

Public universities place great importance on how you compare to other students in your graduating class.


Outside interests and community service activities

College admissions officers want well-rounded students, so get involved and be active now!


Jobs, internships, and volunteer work

Show your desire to learn and grow beyond school, and demonstrate your financial responsibility and time-management skills. Keep track of your experiences with what we like to call your pre-college Portfolio.


Your social media presence

Yes, many admissions officers do check Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media pages. This can be an opportunity for you to stand out, so be mindful of how you present yourself online.