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Small Group Instruction and Accountability

Kaplan is now offering small group, online Zoom classes, to help mimic the in-person sessions that we are unable to run at this time. 

  • With Zoom instruction, students have the ability to answer questions using voice or chat and students can choose to be on camera to allow for personal connection. 
  • Classes can accommodate up to 12 students. 
  • Families have the option to pay in full or in three monthly installments.

These classes are being offered at a discounted rate of $449 (normally $899).

Flexible 1:1 Experience

We also want to offer flexible 1:1 online tutoring experiences.


  • With this 1:1 online program, students work directly with a best-in-class tutor.
  • For a limited time, families can take $300 off of the 10-hour tutoring packages, $400 off of the 20-hour tutoring packages, $500 off of the 30-hour tutoring packages, and $600 of off the 40-hour tutoring packages.

    Call 1.800.KAP.TEST (1.800.527.8378) to enroll in any of our SAT, ACT, PSAT, or SHSAT Tutoring Packages.

Standard Live Online Classes

In addition to our specially designed Zoom room classes, our regular Live Online classes continue to run.

You can view scheduled online class by clicking on the button to your right. Once you know which class you'd like to enroll in, Call 1.800.KAP.TEST (1.800.527.8378) to enroll and get your special discount!

Upcoming Free Events

Join a free, live, online event where you can take a sample class, participate in a seminar, and more.

Kaplan has you covered

The experts

A team of teachers who are ready to answer your questions when you need help.

The resources

Our study materials, including a lesson book and online resources, keep you on track.

The feedback

A detailed breakdown shows you where you’re improving and where you still need work.

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