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Millions of dollars in college funding is available to be claimed!

According to a survey conducted by the National Postsecondary Student Aid, half of students who were eligible for federal student aid did not even apply!

Today, two-thirds of all college students receive some form of aid. It's now common for every student attending college to submit the free application for the FAFSA to gain access to financial aid, grants and low interest loans.

By applying, you can be one of the 14 million college students to receive a portion of the $100 billion in grants given each year. It’s certainly worth a try!

*US Department of Education Fast Facts

As college costs rise, the need for financial support grows that much greater

According to the College Board, over the past five years (2005-06 to 2010-11 school years) the average published tuition and fees increased by about 24% at public four-year institutions, by 17% at private nonprofit four-year institutions, and by 11% at public two-year institutions.*

This is precisely why everyone should submit the FAFSA for the potential of aid, grants and to receive low interest loans to help pay the way.


The cost of college can be over $150,000 over 4 years

Merit-based aid can help you cover these costs. This type of financial assistance is awarded for a student's achievements, such as in academics or athletics. Students who take the PSAT and do well are automatically eligible for merit-based aid. Research other merit-based aid options online to help cover your cost of college.