DAT® Private Tutoring

Why prep? The DAT is unlike any other test you’ve taken. It’s a computer-based test that measures your academic aptitude, your scientific knowledge, and your analytical ability. It’s more than a formality. A high DAT score can have a direct, positive impact on your pharmacy school admissions application.

Be more than ready. Be Kaplan ready.

What does it mean to be “Kaplan ready”?

It’s about one thing: results. Only Kaplan has the combined expertise of hundreds of teachers, learning scientists, curriculum specialists and testing experts, all focused on ensuring you achieve your highest possible DAT score.

What makes the Kaplan approach work so well?

We know what material is going to earn you points on the DAT. We teach you what you need to know and don’t waste time on what you don’t. It’s not just about studying hard; it’s about studying smart.

Be honest. Will preparing for the DAT with Kaplan really increase my score?

We’re in this together. Just attend class, do your homework, and take all the required practice tests. Your score will go up, or we’ll give you your money back. We call it our Higher Score Guarantee.

How does Kaplan’s private tutoring work?

You’ll work with a private tutor—in person or online—to build a custom program of study based on your individual strengths, weaknesses and score goals. Your DAT tutor adjusts that plan as you progress through the course to ensure you study efficiently and optimize your performance. Plus you get the entire DAT Advantage prep course and all of the resources as part of your tutoring package.

Expert teachers—highly qualified, incredibly motivating

  • World-class instructors who have aced the DAT teach your course
  • Continuously trained and developed to motivate and support their students
Kaplan DAT Course Teacher

Eli Schwartz

Rated highly by 98.4% of students
Over 2,700 students taught

“Eli has given me amazing tips that are helping my studies. As I put each one into practice I am getting more confident and answering more questions correctly. He has also shown to be very caring of our needs for the test. I would highly recommend him to anyone taking the DAT.”

Kaplan DAT Course Teacher

Josh Brooks

Rated highly by 99.7% of students
Over 3,300 students taught

“Josh was one of the BEST teachers I have ever had. He obviously cares so much about each and every single one of his student's success. He definitely went the extra mile every session to make sure we all understood every concept that could possibly show up on the exam.”

Kaplan DAT Course Teacher

Tami Miller

Rated highly by 96.5% of students
Over 2,500 students taught

”Tami was an excellent instructor and went far beyond simply lecturing the course. I found her lessons to be very engaging and she shared helpful tips and tricks along the way. Excellent experience!”

Teacher ratings based on student responses received from July 23, 2012 – July 23, 2013.

The best—and most comprehensive—resources

Kaplan DAT Prep Resources

Kaplan DAT Prep Resources

Kaplan DAT Prep Resources

  • Set your own schedule and work at your own pace
  • As a private tutoring student, you also have full access to a Kaplan DAT Prep Course. You can take full advantage of 14 classroom sessions. 130 hours of instruction and practice material to give you every edge on Test Day
  • More than 3,500 practice items and 6 full-length computer-based tests in Test Day format
  • Comprehensive study materials, including the Kaplan DAT Lesson Book, Quick Sheets, Flashcards, and more

Tailored to your needs

While there are standard ways of approaching the DAT, everyone's strengths and weaknesses are different. That's why we developed our exclusive Kaplan DAT Smart Reports®. Smart Reports® identifies your weakest areas and recommends how to adjust your prep to see the biggest improvements.

Kaplan DAT Prep Resources
We analyze your practice test by section and question type.
Kaplan DAT Prep Resources
We recommend specific assignments designed to help you gain the most points.
Kaplan DAT Prep Resources
We continue to track your performance for ongoing improvement.
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