DAT Strategy Session

Perceptual Ability Test

Strategy: Counting Cubes

When you come to the Cube Counting section of the PAT, don't count and recount the cubes for each question. This will just duplicate your efforts and waste time. Instead, take some time up front to tally all the cubes in the object. Make a list on your scratch paper with entries of "0 sides painted" to "5 sides painted" (since no cubes have the bottom painted).

Then methodically go over the stack, and check off the appropriate column for each cube. After you've finished, add up all the entries to make sure you haven't left out any cubes. Now as you look at the questions, it will be easy to obtain the answers from your list.

A sample might look like this

0 sides: none
1 side : I
2 sides: IIIII III
3 sides: IIIII III
4 sides: IIII
5 sides: I

The entries add up to 22, which you can check against the number of cubes in the object to make sure you haven't missed any. This strategy can save you a considerable amount of time during the Cube Counting section.

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