Your Pre-Dental Planner

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Using Your Resources

Other than this handy guide, you can find some great sources for help, advice, and information right on campus or in your home community. Before doing anything else, you should contact your school's pre-dental or pre-health advisor. If you can't find either of the two, just give up, drop out of school—you're doomed. Just kidding! Simply go to your general academic advisor to discuss classes, future options, and so on. Perhaps he or she can put you in touch with a professor in the field that can act as an unofficial advisor.

Ask your advisor if he or she can provide the phone numbers or email addresses of some past graduates that have gone on to dental school or a career in the field. These contacts can serve as great resources to answer questions, give advice, or even help you to find internship or shadowing opportunities.

When you go home for your first break you will most likely have several appointments. After a haircut to trim the once spiffy, now mulleted coif, you might be scheduled for your dental checkup as well. Even if you don't have an appointment, make a visit but be sure to call ahead. This is a great opportunity to speak with a trusted professional about the field and have some basic questions answered.

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