Your Pre-Dental Planner

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Intro to Junior Year

You may be living off campus but you still have to remember to stay on track! Don't slack off now—you are halfway done with college but there is still much to do. Junior year is a great time to get more involved in dental activities outside of the classroom. Volunteer to work in a dental office, see if you can shadow a practicing dentist, or find lab work in an area of research that interests you. Lack of opportunities is a poor excuse; there is ALWAYS something advantageous that you can be doing. Even if you cannot find work specifically in the dental field, pursue any type of medical or science-oriented activity that you can.

This is an important and busy year for you. You will have to study for and take the DAT, request letters of recommendation, apply to schools, and go on interviews – all while taking a regular course load. This load can be hectic, but as long as you plan in advance and keep heading in the right direction, you will manage. Once again, at the start of the year check with your advisor to make sure that you have taken (or will take in due time) all required classes, both for your major and for general requirements. Also, check on campus visit dates for dental school representatives.

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