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A Whole New Ball Game

Grad school is definitely a change from undergraduate life. Don't fall for the popular fallacy that grad school is just like undergrad, only harder. They are completely different and your first year can be a big adjustment.

You will have to get used to working more independently and with constant self-motivation. Professors will not waste time going over the basics, which you will be expected to know inside and out.

You will need to train yourself not merely to memorize material, but to truly understand it. There is no time for slacking off or just "getting by." Professors assume that you want to be in class and have a genuine interest and dedication to learning every aspect of the field. A great deal of your learning will come from outside the classroom through research, attending seminars and conferences, and talking with professors and fellow students.

With all of these added responsibilities comes an array of new and exciting opportunities. You will delve deeper into specific topics, partake in more hands-on learning, and work closely with numerous accomplished professionals. You may also have the chance to pursue research in a topic of your choosing.

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