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The Kaplan DAT® Course has been completely transformed.

Practice smarter with Kaplan and get the DAT results you want. Higher score guaranteed—or your money back.*

  • More DAT Practice Questions
    You wanted more practice questions so that you’re ready for anything the DAT throws your way on Test Day. That’s why we have added hundreds of new practice questions, spanning all sections of the DAT. For every content area you cover in class, you’ll have multiple practice questions to ensure you can apply what you learn on the spot with approximately 500 questions in your course book. Plus you’ll have thousands of DAT practice questions you can access online 24/7. You’ll have all the DAT practice you need.
  • Better Alignment with the Official DAT
    You wanted the course to be even more tailored to the DAT. That’s why we created all new lessons and a completely new course book based on the official DAT blueprint. We know the exact number of questions you’ll see on every topic on the DAT, so we spend more time in class on the topics that will earn you the most points and are the most challenging. And we’ll let you know how much every topic is worth so that you can ensure you are not just studying hard but studying smart.
  • More Realistic Full-Length Practice Tests
    You wanted your full-length practice to be as identical as possible to the official DAT.That’s why we launched 5 new full-length practice tests, all designed around the official DAT blueprint. Cell and Molecular Biology has 13 questions on every official exam? Then there are 13 Cell and Molecular Biology questions on every Kaplan Full-Length DAT. Plus, we have examined every question in our tests to ensure that the phrasing and difficulty level match the real DAT. With Kaplan’s 5 full-length practice tests all offered in a testing interface matching the one you’ll see on Test Day, you can be confident that you’re practicing smarter.
  • More Instruction by Our Expert Faculty
    You wanted more time with our DAT experts. That’s why our new course has more sessions and more hours of DAT instruction, all taught by our expert DAT faculty. You’ll get 36 hours across 12 sessions including 4 specialized sessions with our Perceptual Ability and Organic Chemistry experts. Plus, you’ll have hundreds of completely new videos taught by expert DAT faculty that you can access 24/7, all to help you earn a higher DAT score.
  • More Challenging Perceptual Ability Practice
    You wanted to see tougher PAT questions in class and in your practice because you know that the DAT has increased the difficulty of this section. That’s why we replaced the easiest questions in our lessons with new, especially challenging questions. We’ve also improved hundreds of our PAT practice questions to make them match what you’ll see on Test Day. You can be confident that from Keyholes to Pattern Folding, our PAT practice will prepare you for the official DAT.

The Kaplan DAT Course

Diagnostic – Take at Home
Strategy 1 / Reading Comprehension 1 – 3 hours
Biology 1 – 3 hours
Perceptual Ability 1 – 3 hours FLEX
Quantitative Reasoning 1 – 3 hours
General Chemistry 1 – 3 hours
Organic Chemistry 1 – 3 hours FLEX
Full-Length 1 – Take at Home
Biology 2 – 3 hours
Perceptual Ability 2 – 3 hours FLEX
Quantitative Reasoning 2 – 3 hours
General Chemistry 2 – 3 hours
Organic Chemistry 2 – 3 hours FLEX
Reading Comprehension 2 / Strategy 2 – 3 hours
Full-Length 2 – Take at Home

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