Your DAT Score

Scoring on the DAT can be incredibly confusing for the uninitiated.

Performance on the test is denoted by a set of seven distinct scores. You will receive a separate score for Reading Comprehension, Perceptual Ability, Quantitative Reasoning, and each of the science disciplines tested in Survey of Natural Sciences—biology, general chemistry, and organic chemistry. In addition, you will receive an Academic Average Score, which takes into account your performance on all of the sections of the exam except Perceptual Ability.

Each of these scores is reported on a 1-30 scale (30 being the highest possible score). A score of 16 signifies average performance on a national basis. Scores are based on the total number of correct answers; so there is no penalty for guessing.

Taking the Canadian DAT? See how it's scored differently.

Getting Your DAT Score Results

You will receive your test results immediately after completing the exam. With your test registration fee, you can select five dental schools to receive official transcripts. Additional transcripts are available for $5 each.

A note of caution: You can retake the DAT; however your scores cannot be voided. Your last four test results will be included on any official transcripts.