Surviving an Admissions Interview

While not every b-school requires an interview, for many it is an important requirement for admission. Some schools use interviews to evaluate borderline cases. Whatever the reason for the interview, it's important that you schedule with the admissions officer early.

Top 5 B-School Interview Tips

  • Review your application. In some cases, the interviewer is likely to ask specific questions about it. Be ready to relate several stories on how you took initiative or participated in a leadership role.
  • Ask good questions and make sure the answer is not on the school's web site or application.
  • Be prepared to give a convincing answer to the inevitable questions: "Why business school?", "Why our school?", and "Why now?"
  • Follow proper business decorum. Watch your non-verbal clues, such as eye contact, posture, and fidgeting. And, be courteous to the administrative staff. How you treat them can have an impact (positive or negative).
  • Write a thank-you note.