Your Resume & Work Experience

Your professional experience will be evaluated throughout your application. Most schools prefer 2-3 or even up to 4-6 years of full-time work experience. Experiences you've had, both professional and personal, made you who you are today, and b-school admissions officers want to know what you will therefore contribute to next year's MBA class.

You'll want to showcase your growth in your role, how you excelled, your management skills and how you made a contribution to your organization. In addition, work experience is the best indicator of your potential to succeed and make an impact in the business world. Don't forget that alumni are the product of the school—and its most effective advertising vehicle. You need to prove to the school that you are and will continue to be successful in your career.

Showcase Your Experience With a Great Resume

Your resume serves as an important part of your business school application because it provides a concise but comprehensive overview of your professional history and relevant personal information. Imagine that the reader knows nothing about your experiences. Use active and specific language to discuss how your experiences have affected you and what you accomplished through them, and write for a general audience—don't use industry-specific jargon or terminology. And remember, admissions officers are looking for evidence of leadership and management skills. It's important to shape your resume accordingly by focusing on your accomplishments rather the tasks of the job itself.