GMAT Data Sufficiency - Self-Paced


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Data sufficiency — the most feared question type on the GMAT — can be an area of advantage for test takers with the right strategies and practice. Data Sufficiency Self-Paced uses an assortment of Kaplan's expert strategies to give you thorough practice in time for Test Day.

What makes GMAT Data Sufficiency - Self-Paced unique?

3 in-depth self-paced lessons taught by three of Kaplan GMAT's expert faculty members

  • Data Sufficiency Foundations — understand what the test maker is assessing with these questions and learn how to analyze the question stems
  • Data Sufficiency Strategy — master key Kaplan strategies, including 12TEN, patterns of overlapping data, time management, and more
  • Data Sufficiency in Practice — go deep into algebra, geometry, proportions, and number properties as these concepts are tested with data sufficiency

Additional Course Features

  • Practice sets focused on data sufficiency along with Kaplan's step-by-step explanations
  • Offers over 10 hours of instruction, practice, and review – all whenever you want, thanks to Kaplan GMAT's online access
  • Can offer extra instruction and practice for those already studying for the GMAT or serve as a course for those who just need help in Data Sufficiency
  • Online adaptive lessons help you focus on what you need most improvement on to master Data Sufficiency