The GMAT Analytical Writing Assessment

  • Time: 30 minutes
  • Format: 1 essay
  • Tests ability to analyze an argument

The Analytical Writing Assessment on the GMAT helps business schools analyze your writing skills. It's scored separately from your 200-800 point score, on a scale from 0-6 in increments of 0.5. Essays are scored by a human grade and a computer grading system, and the 2 scores are averaged for your final score.

Analysis of an Argument

This question type presents a brief argument similar to a statement you would find in a critical reasoning question. Your task is to write an essay that critiques the structure of the argument and explains how persuasive or unpersuasive you find it. You should not try to present your own point of view on the topic; instead present a critique of the author's argument. Consider the following questions:

What's the conclusion?
What evidence is used to support the conclusion?
What assumptions does the writer make in moving from evidence to conclusion?
Is the argument persuasive?
What would make it stronger? Weaker?