Meet our GMAT experts: Top-rated teachers–by students.

When you enroll with Kaplan, you tap into more than 40 years of expertise researching and teaching the GMAT. Every instructor is a top performer on the exam, undergoes a rigorous training program, and is constantly evaluated by students to ensure that you have a truly exceptional experience. Only one in ten applicants make the cut to teach. Here are a few of them.

Adel Hanash

Adi Hanash

Rated Excellent by 90% of students
GMAT score: 780 (99th percentile)
Over 500 students taught

Though Adi calls Las Vegas his hometown,, he didn't gamble when it came to education. With an undergraduate degree from the University of Notre Dame, he went on to receive his MFA in theatre from Harvard University. This theatrical streak combined with an excellent understanding of the GMAT and business makes him a winning instructor. He's currently a novice snowboarder looking to breakthrough into intermediate territory next winter. You can find him teaching GMAT Prep - Live Online and in the videos of our GMAT Prep - Self-Paced course.

Steve Snyder

Steve Snyder

Rated Excellent by 90% of students
GMAT score: 790 (99th percentile)
Over 800 students taught

A native of Sykesville, Maryland, Steve Snyder knows how to teach (and take!) the GMAT with great success. Known for his laid-back attitude and an incredible mastery of math (he helped design and write the quantitative section of our course), Steve can be found teaching behind the camera in our GMAT Prep - Live Online courses, or at the head of a class in our GMAT Prep - In Person courses.

Jenny Lynch

Jenny Lynch

Rated Excellent by 92% of students
GMAT score: 760 (99th percentile)
Over 565 students taught

This native San Diegan has been teaching for almost 15 years, including seven as a college English instructor and is currently working towards her master's of Pacific and international affairs from UCSD. With all her talent, Jenny is able to combine practical knowledge of what it takes to ace Test Day with a true talent for teaching. You can find Jenny teaching in sunny San Diego or in the videos of our GMAT Prep - Self-Paced course.

Carlos Hill

Carlos Hill

Rated Excellent by 91% of students
GMAT score: 740 (97th percentile)
Over 340 students taught

Carlos uses his mastery of the GMAT, love of sports, and gift as a coach to help people ace the GMAT. Originally from Denver, Colorado, Carlos recieved his BS from Cornell and then went on to work for Toll Brothers as a civil designer, Asphalt Green as a football coach, and, of course, Kaplan as a GMAT instructor. You can find Carlos teaching and tutoring—and coaching—in Manhattan.

Justin Doff

Rated Excellent by 93% of students
GMAT score: 710 (93rd percentile)
Over 310 students taught

A native of Los Angeles, who earned his BS from NYU, Justin finds that "there's nothing quite like hearing the unbridled euphoria when my students smash through their desired score and attain a score they never thought possible." In addition to teaching for Kaplan, Justin is the managing director of Palisades Park Capital, LLC and has been an investment strategist for Vantage Investment Management. One other hidden talent of his is–believe it or not–as a human beatbox. And he claims to have done so in front of thousands of people, so maybe he'll be kind enough to demonstrate for your class.


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