The Kaplan Story

In 1938, Stanley Kaplan had an idea. Standardized tests must have standard ways of preparing for them. And in a time when access to higher education usually meant being a member of an elite, privileged class, success on standardized tests meant more educational opportunity for many more people regardless of their background. Mr. Kaplan helped students master the skills needed to gain access to competitive universities, once out-of-reach.

70 years and millions of students later, we’re still proud to be a part of Mr. Kaplan’s legacy. Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions continues to provide an edge for high-achieving students seeking competitive academic and professional opportunities, including the GMAT, b-school admissions, and succeeding in their business careers.

Today, more students get into b-school with a Kaplan GMAT prep course than any other GMAT prep company.

Only Kaplan offers a complete solution to help you achieve your career goals. From GMAT prep and b-school admissions to succeeding in your M.B.A. program and launching your career, we’ll be with you every step of the way.